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Avrey Mischke Birth Doula in Commack, NY

Hi, I'm Avrey,

My Background

Before becoming a mom, I was a professional dancer and American Sign Language interpreter. I struggled with postpartum after my first son was born in 2017, but loved breastfeeding and wanted to educate others about it. In 2020, I had my second son during the pandemic and realized I didn't want to go back to working in a nursing home as recreation specalist.I spent my maternity leave learning about the birth world and decided to pursue further education in childbirth education.


After completing a successful final project for the childbirth education course, my instructor suggested I take a doula course. I followed her advice and found that it was a perfect fit for me with a background in therapeutic recreation and wanting to hold space for others. In September 2020, I set a goal to attend three births that year, but by January 2021, I had already attended 25 births and quit my 9-5 job. Therapeutic recreation will always be something I turn to and bring in all my elements as a person. While planning a birth or teaching music and movement classes. 


I found immense happiness in attending births and was able to incorporate my passions for movement, music, spirituality, essential oils, frequencies and vibrations of sounds, and making woman feel empowered, heard, and supported. You can find me at The Nesting Place teaching parent and me music and movement, baby sign language, and child birth education. I am on their doula team and can provide other services through TNP like prenatal and postpartum support groups. In November 2022, I became a certified lactation support counselor and on my way to becoming a birth assistant. 

As a Long Island doula, childbirth educator and lactation support specialist, it is truly an honor and a privilege to do this work and to stand with parents as they bring their babies into the world. Not to mention the beautiful gift I get to see as parents show up to my music and movement classes and reach out for Angel Card and Mediumship readings. 


There's a little something for every body here depending on what part of the journey you're on. 


Birth Doula, Educator and Intuitive Medium based in Commack, NY


Birth & Lactation

Avrey is an experienced doula who specializes in both hospital and home births, providing invaluable support and guidance throughout your entire birthing journey. In addition to her doula services, she offers lactation support, childbirth education classes and guided meditations that set you up for a positive birth experience.

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Classes & Support Groups

Avrey not only offers prenatal and postpartum support groups, but also teaches renowned parent and me music classes at The Nesting Place. Join us for a harmonious journey into parenthood, where expert guidance and soothing melodies create a nurturing environment for you and your little one.


Angelic Readings

Looking for a compassionate doula who goes above and beyond? Look no further! Avrey also offers angelic reading and intuitive guidance. Experience the transformative power of our unique service called the Butterfly Experience, or book a card reading today.

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