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the nitty gritty herstory...

Dear Friend...

Hi! My name is Avrey and I’m a mom of two adventures and free spirited boys. I would like to take this opportunity to give you a look into my life and how I've come to immerse myself in birth-work.


My life before kids consisted of dance competitions and choreography. I was also an American Sign Language interpreter and then went back to school to become a therapeutic recreation specialist.


I had my first son in 2017 and had a terrible time postpartum. I was on the struggle bus. I had a huge love for breastfeeding and wanted to teach the world about it but I wasn’t ready. I was trying to do the mom thing and feeling super anxious most of the time. Taking him to my dance studio and him visiting me while at work in the nursing home gave me life.


Fast forward 2.5 years later in 2020 I gave birth in May, the height of the pandemic. Just two days prior to his birth they were not allowing spouses and transferring moms from the hospital to a “recovery center” via ambulate which was an old office building without partners. I looked at my second baby in a world of chaos and knew from that moment I could not go back to working in a nursing home. Death and sadness was all around me and I was not spiritually aligning to such pharmaceutical practices.  I had 9 months of maternity leave to figure out how I can change my profession so that I could continue to provide a second income for my family.


I felt it was time to do what I was always so curious about--learn more about the birth world. I’m a lifetime student, learning is literally my jam and I will continue educating myself forever. It started with child birth education. After a killer final project; my instructor suggested I take the doula course because without realizing it my final project basically mimicked how a doula advocates and educates within the birth environment. Suddenly the background in therapeutic  recreation also felt so familiar. I went on to the birth and postpartum doula courses and was thrilled.


It was September 2020 and I wrote down “I’ll take 3 births this year and see how it goes”. January 2021 just 4 months after my goal, I had booked and attended 25 births, quit my 9-5 job. By January 2022, I was the happiest I had ever been.


Holy. Smokes. Leaving my 9-5 job that summer was wild. Loosing the security blanket of vacation time, sick days and a steady paycheck was scary, but birth work was calling me in. The birth world and the way I was able to serve was in alignment with everything I dreamed of. On top of birth work I was able to combine music, dance, therapeutic recreation, and sign language every day when I taught parent and me classes at the Nesting Place.  Seriously so blessed.  In November of 2022 I became a certified lactation support counselor and maybe, one day, can fulfill that 2017 thought of pursuing the IBCLC training.


I have always been a spiritual person, but 2023 was a huge leap in faith. I bought my first Angel card deck 13 years earlier and for fun would pull cards for myself. Over the years, I realized that I was channeling loved ones and getting clairvoyant messages. With practice and guidance I have sharpened my skill and technique as a medium. Now, I offer Angel card readings for family, friends and clients. These readings are a service that are also healing for me.


The student in me has been to mediumship retreats and trainings and can 100% connect to loved ones in heaven, angels, archangels and spirit guides. I also know that through my work as a doula, I feel the presence of archangels working through me. I especially feel their presence through my hands during counter-pressure and hip squeezes.  My souls purpose is to heal those around me and I am fascinated by how all of my worlds, and passions, are so deeply intertwined.


So if you’re here for prenatal support, labor support, or intuitive guidance you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy 

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