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kind words...

from birth and postpartum doula clients

Avrey is compassionate relatable, and a wealth of knowledge that gave us the ability to individualized the experience of a traditional hospital birth, and feel empowered to make decisions during delivery that were best for us. My husband and I wanted to work with Avrey as our Doula to support us, and feeling informed aware and empowered through the birth of our son. Avrey made herself available for months before during labor and weeks, after for even the smallest question or worry, and it is for those moments that I will be forever, grateful to have had her as part of my birth experience. - Ashley

Gosh! There just isn’t any proper way to express how much having Avrey as my doula meant to me. TLDR: She was a shining, guiding light in helping me help myself have the best birth experience. I can honestly say I enjoyed my birth, which thinking back to before it, seems like a crazy thing to say. Avrey made that all possible. So, I was going into my second birth with some anxiety and a desire to try to do it non-medicated and while I liked the idea of a doula and thought I wanted one - I wasn’t sure what having a doula would look like or what they could really do for me (I was a low risk, second time birther). Wow was I unaware. First - I was anxious about my provider and hospital so Avrey provided me with some insight that gave me the courage to do what I’d been putting off, and I swapped providers at 36 weeks (yikes but OMG) and it was the BEST decision (after hiring Avrey, of course)! Second - My second birth was fast (!) with no complications and Avery navigated it right there with me. She was my sounding board, my executive assistant, my hype girl. It might sound ridiculous but it was like having a full service personal concierge for my birthing experience. She helped me sort going to the hospital, getting through the admin, finding the things I wanted when I was riding the contractions - AirPods, juice, whatever - keeping me positive, talking to the Drs for me. She handled everything and often suggested things I didn’t even know I wanted until she said them, and then she made them happen. She allowed my husband to be with me, by me, without also having to lean on him, so it was amazingly beautiful how he got to experience this birth with me so much more than my first when he was also my advocate. And the support from Avrey didn’t stop there - the postpartum check ins, the photos she’d taken, the AMAZING overnight oats - Avrey is what every “new”/“new again” family deserves. Just - get a doula, hire Avrey - it’s beyond worth it. She’s beyond words, and I keenly wish this experience for every mom and dad out there. -Christina

I had the privilege to be Avrey‘s first birth [doula] experience, January 2021 without Avrey there I would not have had a positive stress free experience that I did. I did not have any other support person with me due to my situation and I was a first time mom with Avrey there I feel calm, safe and confident that everything was going to be OK. I labored at home for five hours while staying in contact with Avrey she answered all my calls and texts immediately and guided me with what to do when my water broke at home and then rushed to the hospital, and Avrey got there only minutes after me I was alone and the second I saw her I felt so much better. I don’t labor for three hours before having to push. I didn’t want an epidural so the contractions were intense. Her hip squeezes were a lifesaver. Avrey did them with each contraction when I was standing up and they helped a lot with the intensity of each contraction. She also applied essential oils that left the environment coming, most of all, just listening to Avrey’s voice throughout labor and delivery was comforting she was very positive and reassuring. She kept me up-to-date with what was happening and guiding me with breathing techniques and deep hums. Avrey, even Kevin contact after birth and did a postpartum visit. I highly recommend Avrey as a Doula. She’s very calming knowledgeable, and was very helpful throughout my entire experience. I also loved her professionalism and attentiveness. -Maggie

I’ve personally never used Avrey for anything “baby” as I was done having my babies before she came into this amazing calling of her but what I can say from everything that I’ve seen since is that I can only wish that I would have been able to use her for pretty much anything she offers because I just know my experiences would have been 1000X better. The care and attention to detail she puts into every single thing and every single person is astonishing and anyone would be absolutely lucky to have her help them through some of the most important times of their life! -Nicole

Hiring Avrey, as my Doula was one of the best decisions that my husband and I made after finding out that we were pregnant not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the entire birth process, but she’s also infinitely kind and gentle. I could text her any time and she would respond quickly and she was always ready with support and advice. She worked with me to make a birth plan to make sure that my husband and I felt comfortable and informed about all aspects of birth when the big day finally came she was in constant contact and always available for updates. Yes, even in the middle of the night she came to our home after my labor seem to stall, and I had begun feeling hopeless and exhausted. She encourage and empowered me, giving me techniques to not only progress labored, but how to stay calm and focused, and even though our birth ended with a surprise emergency C-section Avrey was there to support us through the chaos with her help I’m able to look back on my experience with joy and gratitude. I feel so blessed to have found her and even more so to have her now as a friend thank you, Avrey. -Jen

Avery's overnight oats are delicious and felt like a life saver when I was exhausted with a new baby and toddler. She gave great nursing advice and she's always there to help and so knowledgeable in so many areas like birth, post partum, lactation advice, etc. Avery is super helpful, she was amazing with my toddler, he instantly fell in love and was so happy to hang and play with her. I felt so comfortable with Avery taking care of my baby and toddler and blessed because she's also a great teacher, my toddler learned while he played. Avery is a special person with a gentle heart and any mama is lucky to have her help.

from parent-and-me classes

My son has been taking Ms.Avery’s movement class for almost two years now and he couldn’t love it more! He always looks forward to movement and absolutely loves Ms.Avery and calls her a ray of sunshine! He loves coming home and showing his older brother and myself all the different dances and music he has done in the class! If you have a child who is super active or just need a stimulating class for them I highly recommend Ms.Avery’s movement class - Shana and Christian

Ms. Avrey is an exceptional sign teacher for both parents and babies. She knows her content well, is positive, and makes learning sign fun and interesting. My son loves learning with her.

My daughter and I both love going to Avreys music class at TNP. Her energy and ability to connect with children makes her the perfect teacher. Her class is a great balance of structure and free play. We have been going for almost a year now, and I have seen my daughter learn so many new skills and become more confident. - Allie & Amelia

Ms. Avrey is an exceptional music teacher. She makes it a point to interact with the kids individually and whole group. Her enthusiasm, energy, and fun spirit makes every class exciting and interesting for the little ones she teaches. We are so happy she teaches our son.

Ms. Avery’s Music class is one of our favorite things to do together! My son and I started attending when he was 3 months old and watching him engage more and more each class is amazing. He loves all of the instruments but the maracas the most! We sing the songs from class at home too! Ms. Avery makes it fun and entertaining for us both and the smile music class puts on his face is priceless! Thank you Ms. Avery! -Elaina

My son and I have been going to Avery’s baby music class at The Nesting Place for about three months now and have quickly become regulars. Avery creates such a nurturing, fun atmosphere for both my son and myself. It is our favorite time of the week. He has grown so much from attending this class. I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to teach this class and give me the chance to bond with my son. -Marissa

Ms Avrey makes music class so much fun, as well as building developmental skills. She is so knowledgable about milestones, ways to progress and creative ways to incorporate fine motor & gross motor skills into her classes. Her classes are a perfect mix of stimulation, regulation and calm for all different stages. Her joy and passion for her work comes through in everything she does. -Rosie

My daughter has been attending Avrey’s music classes since she was 4 months old (now 18 months). She has loved it since the beginning!Avrey is so engaging and fun without overwhelming the little ones. She has a very special way of connecting and making every child feel seen. We look forward to our music class each week and now I can’t wait to take my newborn to baby music in a few months. -Meridith

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